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Country Club Vistas I is a well-established, age-restricted, lovely neighborhood of individual homes in the north part of Green Valley, Arizona.

Typical Street

People find our set-apart houses with landscaped yards attractive. Our streets are wide and have sidewalks. Many homeowners have kept their mature trees including cypress, palm, pine, mesquite, palo verde, and desert willow. Mountain views abound.

Why Do People Move to CCVI?

Convenient Location

Our neighborhood is sought after because of its proximity to medical services, grocery stores, and shops. Its location on the north side of Green Valley makes CCVI a perfect place to live if you enjoy a quick trip to Tucson for its museums, university, cinemas, theatre companies, art galleries and other attractions. We are about two miles from the entrance to I-19. This highway will quickly take you to Tucson, Tubac, Tumacocori or Nogales. In addition, it's only a little more than a mile to walk to the Green Valley Village complex of stores. The library is even closer and is a quick and easy walk.

GVC Pool

For those who enjoy the Green Valley Recreation facilities, Country Club Vistas I is less than two miles from either Las Campanas or East Center. GVR has tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness centers, game rooms, clubs, movies and more. Click here for more info.

Friendly Neighbors

Strolling the streets of CCVI is a common practice and people often stop to enjoy chatting about our fabulous weather and, of course, their pampered pets.

Nature & Wildlife


Although we're a residential community, hawks, bobcats, javelinas, owls and bunnies frequently visit. In addition, we are living in the desert and snakes do move about. Please don't kill them. For snake removal call the non-emergency phone at 520-629-9200 to have them humanely removed from your property. For snake bites call 911 or get to the hospital ASAP!

What Is Country Club Vistas I?

Why are we a property owners' association instead of a homeowners' association? Because Country Club Vistas I does not own any common property, not even the streets or alleys. This accounts for our low annual dues.


Green Valley Country Club Vistas I Property Owners’ Association, Inc (also known as CCV1) is managed by volunteer residents who are elected to the Board of Directors by the property owners (one vote per property). The Board's responsibilities are detailed in By Laws adopted by the Association ByLaws (click here) but in general, the Board manages compliance to the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions CC&Rs (click here) which govern the use of property within CCV1 as well as compliance with governmental regulations. In addition, the Board maintains a relationship with the Green Valley Council, our community’s voice to the governing bodies of Pima County and Arizona.  Please consider volunteering for the Board or a Board Committee.  For additional information, contact any current Board member.

Board Members & Meetings

Flowering Cactus

Board meetings are usually held from October through May on the first Monday of the month at 1 p.m. If you'd like to attend, please call a board member to confirm the meeting place. If you'd like to be on the agenda, please call the president. Visit the board members page for contact information.

Architecture Committee

The Architecture Committee is responsible for enforcing the standards, as specified in the CC&Rs, for the physical appearance of property in CCVI. Having such standards is important for the simple reason that people buy homes here because they like what they see. We want to keep our neighborhood safe and attractive. We are not a development of 'cookie-cutter' houses and it's important that we maintain the neighborhood's quality and appearance.

By purchasing a home in an association governed by CC&Rs, you have agreed to obtain the permission of the Architecture Committee before making to any exterior modifications or additions to your house, garage, carport or yard. Even painting your house counts as an external modification. Before beginning any work that affects the physical appearance of your property, you must first submit plans to this committee. Before painting, you must submit samples of the colors you intend to apply. Visit the Board members page to see who chairs the Architecture Committee.

Please use this form to request approval for projects.


Annual Meeting Cleanup Crew

The board is always looking for residents who are willing to serve. Many hands make light work! Please contact the committee chair if you're interested in learning more. In addition, for the safety of our neighbors, we have a friendly neighborhood watch program.

More Information About CCVI

Annual Dues

CCVI Property Owners' Association Dues (aka 'assessment' ) are $35 per lot whether developed or undeveloped if payment is received by January 31 of each year. The dues are $50 if received after January 31 (this includes the $15 late fee). Checks are written to Country Club Vistas I and mailed to the post office address.

Trash Collection

Residents are responsible for arranging their own trash collection. Please use Titan Trash & Recycle for your trash pickup service. Visit its web site for more information on prices and the frequency of collection. Using other services increases the number of heavy trucks driving through our neighborhood. This generates noise and adds to the wear and tear of our streets.

Conditions, Covenants and Restricions (CC&Rs)

During the closing on your property, you signed the 'HOA Condominium/Planned Community Addendum' (or a similarly titled document) whereby you acknowledged receiving your Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). Please read and abide by the CC&Rs of Country Club Vista I. Please note, as mentioned previously, that the CC&Rs require homeowners to submit proposals for changes to their property, even painting, to the Architecture Committee for approval.

Old Car

The CC&Rs also specify other standards for maintaining the appearance of houses and yards.

If you rent your CCVI property, your tenants must comply with CC&Rs. It is your responsibility to make certain that they understand this obligation.

Feel constrained by CC&Rs? Would you rather look at this next door everyday?

Social Events

Typically, we have an annual Social Event as well as What’s Brewin', a monthly get together at someone’s house where people bring their own drinks and an appetizer. For safety and community-building reasons, try to attend so that you can meet your neighbors and have a good time. Better yet, serve on the committee!



We strive to publish CCVI's newsletter, Vista Voice, monthly and post it on this website. This publication helps inform residents of events and items of interest in the neighborhood. For those who require a paper copy, stop by the "gopher" near the front entrance on Paseo Del Chino. Copies are compliments of Diane and Joe Longo.

Annual Meeting

The CCVI annual meeting is held in January. Ballots for voting are mailed in December. In order to ensure that you receive ballots, PLEASE call the board president, treasurer or secretary with any address changes. You also may email this information to You can use the contact form to do this.

Annual Patio Sale

Once a year, usually in March, all CCVI residents are invited to participate in a neighborhood Patio Sale which more effectively draws a larger number of potential customers into the neighborhood than individual sales would. Our Property Owner's Association pays for a newspaper ad promoting this event. Information on this event is ususally distributed via the Newsletter and the annual meeting.

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